New EP, Mona, out now!

Parallell with a long process of finishing their carefully crafted debut album of 2016 the band went away for a few days to record their newest EP. Now with the goal of making quickly recorded, self produced and low-budget garage pop. While vocalist Magnus Lefsaker originally has been the main musical force Mona is the first release made by the band together all the way through. Also three members have contributed as song writers.

The bands guitarist Simen Følstad Nilsen (Aiming for Enrike, Honningbarna) have produced/mixed and makes his debut as vocalist (Falling out of Love Again and Boy Who Doesn´t go To Work). The recording was only interrupted by lunches at the local cafe run by Mona. Mona also invited the band to stay at her house. She is therefore pictured on the album cover:

The single of Mona ”Falling Out of Love Again” was included in Spotifys weekly international playlist ”Weekly Buzz”.

The EP also follows debut album Ignore the Flags on the Beaches (2016). With the single Line of Sight the band achieved13# on Spotify USA Viral List. 

Acres Wild is Magnus Askjer Lefsaker, Simen Følstad Nilsen, Even Ziesler Andenæs, Mads Frøystadåg Skovdahl and Espen Skretteberg.