The Prophecies of Skeeter Davis EP

New EP from Acres Wild! The EP contains three songs which lightheartedly touches on the apocalypse, young love, and the single life in Oslo. With influences ranging from 60s three-minute pop, 80s jangle, and 90s as well as The Zombies, Big Star, and Paul Simon.

Songs of the EP are played on shows such as Ruben (NRK P3), P1 Østlandssendingen and Stjernepose (NRK P13).

"Ny aldeles glimrende låt fra Acres Wild (..) ”Dette begynner å nærme seg mitt favoritt-undergrunnsband i Norge nå.”  NRK P3 Urørt

Download full EP in wav/mp3 here


"Some Will Never Die er eit fengande opningsspor med eit Peter Pan liknande tema i teksten. Balcony Song høyrer på si side meir til i lendet beina-på-gelenderet-gitaren-i-fanget. Medan tittelsporet er jingle-jangle, nemnte fanklubb og strålande melodiske linjer, og fremjar eit avslappa forhold til både livet og det som kjem etterpå."

Music and lyrics by Magnus Askjer Lefsaker. 

The Prophecies of Skeeter Davis – Co-written with Simen Følstad Nilsen
Recorded by Sjur Lyseid at Six Feet Over, Oslo 2014.
Mixed by Sjur Lyseid.
Mastered by Chris Sansom, Propeller Music Division, Oslo.

(P) & (C) 2014 Minitravolta

Cover art by Tony Dowler

Some Will Never Die

I ́m a king with tiny hands
The crown, you can ́t see
I will be your only one
And that ́s all I ́ll ever be
You never liked to drink, tonight you should try
You ́ll get older you´ll go grey, and I will never die

You ́re as dull as politics
But pretty in your way
Even if I didnt plan to speak
It´s what I need to say
That if you come to see me here I can understand
You ́re a lady Im a boy, I ́ll never be a man

Some will never die 
Some will never

Balcony Song

I wish that I belonged somewhere 
But i don´t know where I should go 
This city seems to move as a herd, a crowd a group
But im the only living boy in Oslo

And if I ever stand beneath a balcony and sing
I wouldnt care to raise my voice
She should come to me, and she should stand outside the window
Of the only living boy in Oslo

The last time i kissed a girl, it kinda felt allright
Guess she felt allright too
But it´s time to meet someone who really has a heart
For the only living boy in Oslo
The only living boy in Oslo

I need somewhere
I dont know where i should go
Still I´ve got skinny jeans, in an apartment I own
There lives the only livin boy in Oslo 
The only living boy in Oslo

The Prophecies of Skeeter Davis

If there are days ahead
Then all prophecies I ́ve misread
Don ́t they know it’s the end
But I don ́t mind

And still the waves rush to shore
Oh, and the sights look just like before
Don’t they know it’s the end
I don ́t mind

Why don’t these, why don’t these eyes of mine
See the ship, oh see the ship of the line
Don ́t they know, and don’t they know it’s the end It’s the end

You give predictions that turn our heads
But with needles and silver threads
Written on fabric cloth
"I don’t mind"